Institute for Chronically Traumatized Children

The Institute for Chronically Traumatized Children (ICTC) is specialized in the treatment of chronically traumatized and dissociative
children and their families.
The ICTC offers treatment, training, and workshops. The ICTC can assist organizations such as residential facilities, Foster Care,
Child Protection or Mental Health Services with implementing trauma-informed and trauma-focused treatment.
The director of the ICTC, Arianne Struik, is a clinical child psychologist, family therapist and EMDR practitioner and consultant from the Netherlands. She has more than 20 years of experience with trauma treatment for children living at home, in foster families or in
residential facilities. She developed Sleeping Dogs, an award-winning treatment method. The Sleeping Dogs method is used for the most
difficult to treat and resistant, chronically traumatized children and is described in Treating Chronically Traumatized Children (Struik, 2014).
The Sleeping Dogs represent the traumatic memories that should be processed instead of letting those sleeping dogs lie.
Arianne recently moved to Australia.

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23 February - 10 April 2015 Europe tour    
19 March 2015 Brighton, UK    
30-31 March 2015 Leuven, Belgium    
10-12 July 2015 Milan, Italy    
July-August 2015 Europe tour    
28 September-11 October 2015 Brisbane, Australia    
16-20 November 2015 Bali, Indonesia    
December 2015 Europe tour    
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